DIAPHANOUS PRESS was founded by Krysia Jopek in February, 2017 to promote the work of contemporary literary and visual artists via the journal, DIAPHANOUS, a free bi-annual online publication released in the Spring and Fall. The journal was also created to publish individual books of poetry and short fiction (e-books and paper copies).

CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: James Autio – Poetry, Fiction, Art; Michael Dickel – Poetry, Fiction and Art; Kinga Fabó – Poetry, Fiction and Art; Meg Harris – Poetry; Dale Houstman – Poetry and Art; Thato Andreas Mokotjo – Poetry, Fiction, Art; Eric Traska – Art

Please see our Mission Statement for a description of the type of writing and art we seek to publish and promote.

Thank you for your interest and please stay tuned for the Ides of May (05.15.2017) launch date of the debut issue of DIAPHANOUS.
Krysia Jopek
Founder and Editor

Image above:
The Domestic Scene Appals Itself
Dale Houstman