Studies in Existentialism 1
Eric Traska
digital 2011 x 1500 pixels


DIAPHANOUS PRESS seeks to publish cutting-edge, contemporary literary and visual art via the free, online literary journal, DIAPHANOUS. We believe that talented artists and writers should have an online venue to promote their work and that those who appreciate and value contemporary literature (poetry, prose poetry, flash fiction, micro fiction and short literary fiction) and art (paintings, photography, digital art, architecture, sculpture) can have access to the finest writers and artists of our day.

As the title “DIAPHANOUS” implies–we are looking for work that is finely crafted and not completely transparent or “accessible,” if you will. Not that the work is purposely abstruse but that the work demands the interaction of the reader or viewer who experiences the work directly and determines possible meanings since the work of art has a life of its own independent of the artist or author. This kind of art is not disposable–it demands to be read and viewed repeatedly because of its power to arrest, engage, and “haunt” the reader/viewer. We appreciate work that leans toward the experimental and postmodern–but in the end, we are looking for the finest work out there that shows an understanding of the visual and literary traditions and attempts to do something somewhat new, as difficult as that is.

For poetry, we are interested in unpublished poems that are not traditional lyrics or narrative poems but that push the boundaries of poetic composition somehow–for unique work basically that pays attention to the poetics (questions poetics implicitly), language, visual imagery, poetic “density” or “logic,” rhythm, cadences, musicality, meaning–all the “brushstrokes” of poetry. That being said, we love excellent poetry.

For fiction, we are interested in unpublished short pieces of literary fiction, specifically flash fiction (under 500 words), short excerpts from unpublished novels (up to 1000 words), and “micro” fiction (less than 50 words). Again, we lean towards the experimental and postmodern but appreciate excellent writing that pays close attention to language, style, tone, POV, and unconventional narrative strategies. We love fiction that blur the boundary between prose and prose poetry.

For art, we are interested in abstract work, postmodern work, and experimental–images of original paintings, digital art, photography, architecture, sculpture. In the future, we would like to include multi-media pieces, hypertext, and unpublished very short videos (poem videos, and “micro” films).