Adjudicated knobby knees | John Covello

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Befitting these activities

So make like Swiss around a cheese

And keep the car in neutral

The Cassavetes, Castavets

They’re clicking on the castanets

And funny thing about the eyes

They look just like the milkman’s

And Xanax is as Xanadu

With Sammy Cahn and Kubla too

He keeps a disappointment book

And doesn’t miss a meeting

Now comes the time to lose control

In alleys where they never bowl

And finally I’ll sell my Soul

But keep the R&B stuff

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  1. ReplyNels Byron
    I like the wordplay in this piece. Oftentimes, wordplay in poetry comes off as for wordplay's sake and, consequently, adds nothing to the given poem and is a sign of laziness on the part of the poet. That is not the case with respect to this piece -- it's wordplay is just enough but not too much to where it draws attention to itself and away from the poem as a whole

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