Spring 2017
Volume 1 Issue 1

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Gold Plated Fix | John Covello

Adjudicated knobby knees | John Covello

The Untuned Piano | Charles Rafferty

The Problem With Abundance | Charles Rafferty

Ellipses | Charles Rafferty

Symphony of Myself | Jennifer Juneau

Portrait | Jennifer Juneau

recidivist | Tree Riesener

that assyrian frieze at the british museum | Tree Riesener

[sonnet]: Light Degree Zero | Ali Znaidi

[sonnet]: towards a paratextual theory | Ali Znaidi

[sonnet]: to rhyme or not to rhyme | Ali Znaidi

Imagism (with “spot of time!”™) | Chris Stroffolino

I Do This I Do That Poem (April 2016) | Chris Stroffolino

Ecosystem | Anna Rabinowitz

Wrath and Roll | Anna Rabinowitz

Night Painting | Kostas Anagnopoulos

Snow Poem | Kostas Anagnopoulos

Attachment | Kostas Anagnopoulos

Bending the Muse | John Fitzgerald

Joe Cur’s Wild | John Burroughs

The Temple | Krysia Jopek

In the Long Stillness of Quiet Days | James D. Autio

“…though this loft be of a blushy bent” | James D. Autio

Cthulhu Alight In My Underpants | James D. Autio

Swoon | James D. Autio

Scrawl in the Herbal | James D. Autio

Not Reported | Tom Holmes

Under the Spell of an Increasingly Deadly Vowel Movement | Tom Holmes

[untitled map poem] | Tom Holmes

Anticipating My 1000th Rejection Letter | Tom Holmes

Anatomy of Warmth | Mitko Gogov

Statue Maker | Barbara Ungar

Endnotes to Coral Reefs | Barbara Ungar

Know that I am Home | Thato Andreas Mokotjo

It was a Mistake | Thato Andreas Mokotjo

Tapestry Seat of a Forgotten Chair | Margo Mensing

Letter to Magdalene Slash | Dale Houstman

A Short Biographical Preface | Dale Houstman

Absentia | Sneha Subramanian Kanta

La Nuit D’Hiver | Sneha Subramanian Kanta

Water Music | Jay M. Mower

Trebuchet | Jay M Mower

Ashen Apple | Jay M Mower

Cloudburst | R. T. Castleberry

Against the Accusations | R. T. Castleberry

Adaptations from Kenneth Rexroth’s 100 Poems from the Chinese | DeWitt Clinton

wild animus park | m durrance

Heartbeats of Light | Donald Illich

Middle Creek | John Swain

A Hanging Bowl | John Swain

Anesthesia | Kinga Fabó

Flash | Kinga Fabó

Itinerary | Sharon Lattig

The Times of Hartford | Tony Hansen

Vintage | Nate Maxson

Ice Age | Nate Maxson

Post-Worldism | Nate Maxson

Let’s Tell Scary Stories | Meg Harris

Thirst | Meg Harris

Dream During a Winter Storm | Theresa Darling

People We do not Know | Theresa Darling

In a Dream | Jennifer Juneau

Tee Time at Aleppo | Jon Wesick

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