Daylight Saving(s) | Jennifer Peterson

  • Krysia Jopek
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The incorrectly-added final s 
suggests that there is some accounting
for the bilious fatigue 
of this particular pre-dawn—we have spent ourselves
in haggling with the heavenly bodies but this time
we got a bargain: 6 instead of 5. 
The little hiss lets slip 
belief that there exists some great reserve 
of daylight we cannot call on now 
but only make deposits in 
by electing small privations: black mornings 
at the bus stop silently accumulate there as golden 
after-dinner strolls in dreams where we retire 
early, undepleted, not alone 
for the inevitable
tumble back to dark.

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    Thank you, Katie! [on behalf of Jennifer and from me!] I love this poem, too Jennifer and I were in classes together in our MFA program at Albertus Magnus. Thank you for visiting our Fall issue and for your comment! Krysia

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