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I am I because a little worm bites me
I am I filled with I’s and eyes watching what happens next

I am a host/I am inhabited
I am a whole world colonized
a body embodied, bodies burrowed in my pores, 
	my hair, my lungs, my eyes
Whose bodies are borne forth when I strut?
Whose being breathes each deep sweet breath? 
When I inhale whose lungs fill with air?
Do I walk, or am I conducted?
What DNA varies my mind when I turn on the TV? 
When I sip a beer what yeast’s thirst does my deep drink slake?

I am host/I am inhabited
I’m a whole ecosystem complete with theology 
unraveled, the DNA thread more not me than me strung like a lyre, 
let the wind strum sing my song
I sing the body organic 
I sing the matter inside me
Am I its god going about my business, tending the infrastructure, nerves, 	
	veins, capillaries, pores 
	conducting all beings to the spaces they visit:
domodex follicorum skitters on a folicle, doing its mite dance, setting its 	
	teeth in an old dried flake of skin
there’s one now leaning on an eyelash, waiting for its mate in the 	
	blood-lit night
Lactobacillus soft blankets, smooth as new snow, churning its germs, 
sweetening the milk I drink
Entero bacteriacoea, my probiotic protectors, beating back all that
	salmonella that would make me sick
h. pylori pissed off and mean, 
	burning holes in my gut just for the fun it

I don’t know what I am, or what to make of me now
Mitochodria shuffle the deck: 
I’m a virus on the planet, 
I am a planet for a mite, a forest of invisible fauna 
	each with its claim on me
Cell lines, whole families 
	speaking their chemical language, cultures, 
		whole civilizations
I am Mahayana, greater vehicle
impacting a million lifetimes’ karma each time I cough

Pediculus humanus captis, do you ever wonder what you are?
You turn your monstrous pin-point face 
undaunted by any existential doubt 
	& plunge unflinching your teeth deep into my dermis
		my blood belonging to me as good belongs to you

worms in my stomach
worms in my eye
worms in my brain
I contain multitudes
I’m giving up the ghost
I am a ghost hosting worm ghosts & all my relations
a dot in the universe expanding in space
Expanding & waiting to collide with 
whatever come what may 

See me expand. Watch me grow. 
Big Bang.
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