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to cut us apart and go to her 
does she know
that your top layer 
for oh say an inch under your skin 
is me as well as you

you can’t 
wash away that many years 
of sleeping so close 
that getting up in the morning
requires gentle effort 
to pull us apart

breathing my air for so long 
has lined your lungs 
with my molecules 

sitting with you over coffee 
she’ll end up sucking me in

a crime scene squad 
could test her for my dna 
and come up positive every time

remember how we’d go to bed
in stiff anger 
wake up conjoined twins again 
jesus and sophia tight

you don’t have enough years left 
to sleep with her enough nights 
to replace me in your skin

our bodies will call out 
crawl toward each other 
like twins hacked apart 

hurry us to some alley or room 
where they can lie down  
desperate to undo the operation 
move into their conjunction 
sigh with healed content

you might as well give up now 
forget this surgery and let them be
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