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That somber greens — ferns, conifers, cycads — flittered
              with fruit and bloom
That the earth’s face pinked, reddened, honeycombed glow
That angiosperm came to outnumber gymnosperm
That they seduced insect, bat and bird, flaunting colors
             and smelling good
That they multiplied, hybridized, colonized east to far,
             north to near, valley to peak
That brush crowded out burr oak and big bluestem grass
That weed evicted sweet brown-eyed Susan
That buckthorn unseated cream gentian and violet bush clover
That there had been prairie-fringed orchid, Indian grass,
             large-leafed aster
That there had grown starry campion and bottlebrush buckeye
That there had flown great spangled fritillaries, Edwards’ Hairstreaks
That Cooper’s hawks, eastern bluebirds, Appalachian browns
             had manned the trees
That what was mis-taken reappeared
That flowers strummed in the trees
That they made it and made it, new, now, and again
That it is possible, possible, spreading, and so


from Present Tense

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