Endnotes to Coral Reefs | Barbara Ungar

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1. Oases of ocean

2. Nocturnal tube worms, sea stars, sea urchins, feather dusters

3. Underwater cities

4. Hard, stony, or reef-building corals secrete a skeletal cup, or corralite

5. A single coral animal can live a thousand years

6. Coral spawn on only one night a year during a spring full moon

7. Soft corals: black, thorny, horny, sea fan, sea plume, sea pansy, organ-pipe

8. All corals are killed by water that is too warm

9. Egg bundles are round—bright red, pink or orange—half the size of small gumballs

10. Stress, pollutants, sediment, acidity, warming oceans, dynamite, poison

11. Budding corals reproduce asexually

12. What sailors called mermaids were likely dugongs

13. Some hard corals look like giant brains, cabbages or antlers

14. Bleaching (expelling the coral’s algae) and subsequent starvation

15. The Great Barrier Reef can be seen from outer space

16. Corallite closely resembles human bone

17. Reefs take centuries to build destroyed in weeks

18. She plunged into the deep blue waters off Kirimati Island

19. It is other-worldly

20. like it snowed on the reef

21. bleached white ghosts popping up off the ocean floor

22. We are sticking our heads in the sand

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