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1.  Personality dies in lack of use.

2.  Gazes cannot be all in vain.

3.  He abounds at my expense, my thyroid minds.

4.  My body – a smoothly turning screw; my soul -- a metabolic disorder. 

5.  Belong is a must. I don’t belong.

6.  I misunderstand to be / misunderstood.

7.  Writing, painting, smoking, drinking; daddy (Churchill)

8.  Are you empty, because you are full of emptiness, or because there is nothing in you?

9.  Can the soul be seen, or only if its stain (can be)? 

10. -- Shall I regard you as absence?

    -- Feel free.

11. Covers

              Being is seen.
              Seeming isn’t. Seeming casts
              seeming over it.
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