Gold Plated Fix | John Covello

  • Krysia Jopek
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I think I should panel the bathroom in dogwood
paint cumulus clouds on the tiles on the floor
diaphanous curtains surrounding the shower
and make a new toilet of bricks

And then I'll refrigerate all of my clothing
except for the ones that I'll need in the morning
and throw out that dish that's been sitting for weekends
and make a new promise that sticks

Comments ( 2 )

  1. ReplyAlain Guillemain (@alainguillemain)
    Touching. I feel your pain, the disappointment of broken promises to self.
  2. ReplyAuthorKrysia Jopek
    Thank you for reading, Alain, and for your comment to one of our talented poets, John Covello. This is one of my favorite poems, too.

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