I Do This I Do That Poem (April 2016) | Chris Stroffolino

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It’s 7:12 PM on facebook, which means 10:12 PM in Brooklyn
I guess it wasn’t a bad day on facebook.
I saw a karaoke night video of Mark Zuckerberg singing
“Come together, right now, under me.”
& tried to mumble something 
about how fighting police brutality
is also resisting mind-body dualism.

Your facebook persona is scattered
on the pages of others who would be happier
if they didn’t have to see each other’s posts
So, trying not to feel I’m slumming it on facebook,
I post a petition to re-establish
The City of Oakland Arts & Culture Commission.
It gets one like. Another one gets 13 likes:
10 by women, if that means anything
(but not so many self-identified poets like it).
"wasting your wit on Facebook." 
"wasting your wit with the poets." 
"sorry for dripping so much pain on your wall." 
"and sorry for trickling trauma…."

Maybe they were trying to get romantic without dancing
Or it’s a call for action to surfeit 
on the kind of miscommunication facebook encourages
as if to prove a poem, by comparison, 
can heal the wounds facebook makes.
In the dressing room, I try on the clothes you look great in
To show you how bad I look in them as my way of praising you
Or do you troll in hopes of rebuilding a shattered community 
Like a couplet in search of a sonnet to end:
I only believe in “each one, teach one”
If I also say “each one, beseech one.”
and it’s no worse than living at the movies….
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