It was a Mistake | Thato Andreas Mokotjo

It was a mistake. I didn’t mean it. That day was meant for us. That day was made for love. We went to my house hoping to have fun. I can’t forget that smile, can’t stop thinking of those blue eyes. Yes, she was mine. It was a mistake. I didn’t mean it. It happened too fast. She disappeared in front of my eyes. I knew she was around but she was gone too long. I could wait no more. I searched for her throughout the house. I could find her nowhere. I had changes in my heart, a dark cloud in my head. When I heard strange sounds in the bathroom, I drew my gun believing there was a thug in that room. I could wait no more. I could not call out! I fired the gun. I fired the gun. I fired the gun and then I opened the door. I could not believe my eyes. How could this be? I swear, it was a mistake! I did not mean it. How can I say I am sorry in front of your dead body? I am sorry. I won’t have the joy of seeing your smile again, won’t have the luxury of staring into your eyes! I wish I wish you understood what happened. That day was a mistake. I didn’t mean it. I was a mistake. If you judge me, judge me according to my sorrows. This pain is strong. I can breathe no more. I did not mean it. It was mistake

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  1. Replymatima
    Motivation my guy
    • ReplyAuthorKrysia Jopek
      So thrilled to have Thato's poems in DIAPHANOUS and all of his help since the end of November with reading poetry submissions! This fine young man from South Africa, at a mere 22 years old should be commended for his hard work. I look forward to his collection of poems, The Three Keys.

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