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The age of the soul is dead, static. There were sounds of church-bells where I once went to school – now replaced by city smog and sounds of vehicular traffic. Such are fabrics of absence, changed by voids. The children do not come to school with songs of birds on their lips; but sleets of silk rusted lies.

Within the convent corner, the graveyard grows older and wrapped in dust. Weeds are the only company to rotten marble smells. No one reads tombstones these days. We have lost youth at the curtained close of day – it began with red dawn, as crimson a shade as the multipurpose hall. These are fragments – none seem interested in recollections of any kind.

Where did the thought untie, loose to its earlier end? The graveyard has died several times over. Interestingly, some things remain for a long time as they are, I think, with your hand sweep my thigh: intact.

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  1. ReplyTimothy Stephen
    This is truly avant garde. To the editor: I'd love to have this in print form. Any print anthology / version in the pipeline?
    • ReplyAuthorKrysia Jopek
      I am so sorry I missed your comment until now. I had thought someone else responded. I think I dreamed that! Thank you for your kind words. I wanted to print the debut issue, but it will be costly given the 20 images of art. I still might have a few printed for some individuals, including artists represented, have inquired and might be willing to shell out from the wallet. Someone said I could get a copy under $100. Thank you for the nudge. I will price for myself--would like to buy a few for my Diaphanous Angels and me. I thought about printing just the writing, the literary art. However, I wondered if there would be interest in purchasing that at a very low cost on Amazon--given that the journal is free online? Thoughts. . . We will be publishing manuscripts of poetry, novellas, and very short fiction collections this fall. Those will be in paperback only and will be for sale on Amazon. Authors will receive free copies. Haven't priced out how many author copies yet. But as an author myself, I will be as generous as possible! DIAPHANOUS (FALL, 2017) will be out in November. Again, thank you for your lovely comment and inquiry. And apologies profound for a late reply! Krysia Jopek

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