People We do not Know | Theresa Darling

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Two doors down lives a man. His woman
Stands slightly behind and to his left. Here is a picture
Of their three children wearing their Sunday best
Ironed that morning while the coffee was brewing
Laundry rinsing, house warming, and sausage frying. 
With a flash

The scene changes. On a porch next-door
A man and his beer glide forward, back
Forward, back after a long day at the office. Inside
His woman sets the table, the coffee brewing
Laundry drying, chicken roasting, potatoes
Boiling over and the children playing tag
Out back. Cicadas’ mysterious words

Quiver intensely… then fade. Dusk.
Somewhere a fisherman and his eldest son prepare
For next day’s run, the younger children inside
Watching cartoons, coffee brewing
Kittens mewing from the cardboard box 
Behind the couch. A small murmur 
From upstairs, a lock clicking bullet hard 
Into place. People everywhere

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