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I know I’m there 
in the lower left corner
but I can’t figure out 
if I’m the chained captive
the child in her arms 
or the assyrian king

that woman and child 
tired and thirsty
tear-stained faces 
trying to breathe
in the dust 
from the chariot’s horses
that little boy with stumps for arms

was I the one who watched
used them to balance the composition

if I am that one
I must struggle not to sleep

someone said someone would always be there
any time there were two or three
but it’s genghis khan day at the museum
and I think they’ve locked the building 
and all gone home
know what I’m saying

poison for angels I said 
and the man shook his head

never had so much call for angel poison
don’t really keep it in stock
but here’s a bit to tide you over
mind, it can strike back and destroy the unwary
so be sure you read the warning on the box
before you go around poisoning angels
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